THE SERIES features six titles, each self-contained stories in a different city of Liria. In each adventure, Petra and Svila have to discover the truth behind an ancient story, which in turn leads them to the location of the hidden charm. Each city has a different enemy that they need to outwit, using their combined skills.

The six titles are as follows:

Cloud Pearl: Petra and Svila trek to a rugged castle in the remote mountains of Gorach.

Golden Bell: a race against time in the coastal splendour of the city of Morenija


Desert Star: friends and enemies clash in the secret nomad city of Bijelo-Vadek

Salamander Ring: dark deeds in a mystic floating city

Shadow Lantern: a deep labyrinth filled with wandering spirits reveals dark secrets

Silver Falcon: battle lines are drawn in the ancient capital, where Grax’s family face the resistance.