The Legend of Queen Tilsama and the Crown of Fortune

Liria was a peaceful kingdom. When Queen Tilsama came to the throne, it blossomed with the help of its famous Crown of Fortune until the Emperor of Bura grew greedy. He planned to invade Liria and steal the Crown of Fortune for himself.

So, fearing an invasion, the queen called up her generals. “Should we fight?” she asked.

Of course they would fight! In possession of the lucky Crown of Fortune, they knew they could defeat any enemy that dared to cross their borders. But unknown to all, the enemy had sent a SPY into the royal household, where he lurked like a poisonous snake in a basket of dates.

Yes, a spy. And he came armed with a fake crown which he substituted when the queen lay sleeping.

Little knowing she had been tricked, the queen faced the day when Liria was due to fight its enemy in battle. Everyone fought bravely but the enemy army was too vast and the Lirian forces began to fall back. Many died in battles on the plains, in the mountains, in the deserts and on the water.

Queen Tilsama fled for safety with her daughter and the royal household, but her servant/spy had vanished.

Heavy of heart, Queen Tilsama took off her crown, then stared at in horror, realising what had happened. It was a fake! She had been tricked. She acted quickly, and she sent out a dozen of her best men to find the crown, along with wretched thief and drag him back to face her.

But the enemy soldiers from Bura were still closing in, so she called her six most trusted guards and in one thunder-stroke, split her crown into six charms and one bracelet.

She told her guards to hide one charm in each city, to stop the royal crown falling into the wrong hands ... She made them promise to keep it secret, yet hide clues to be found when the crown could be restored.

 Six charms. One bracelet.

Of course, the bracelet was magic. Enchanted. One day, she knew, one day, someone would find the bracelet, and then attach all the charms, one by one, starting from the beginning. Only this could awake the magic and turn the bracelet back into the Crown of Fortune.

Then Queen Tilsama herself disappeared, never to be seen again...and so, the crown of Liria vanished forever. Until … Well, until our story begins.

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